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About Us


Women's Integrated and Synergistic Empowerment is a non profit company founded in March 2017 to promote women's collectives with the aim of enhancing their own capabilities to make informed choices and gain access to financial and other resources. WISE has been promoted by Chaitanya an organisation based out of Maharashtra, founded in 1991 with the intent to promote rural tribal women as community leaders of strong sustainable and self reliant institutions enabling access to finance and gender equity. Its program consists of promoting self help groups, intimate grassroots based social clusters and area specific federations to alleviate poverty and empower women.

WISE was set up with the support of Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) under the aegis of Poorest States Inclusive Growth (a SIDBI-DFID project) programme to enable women's access to finance through SHGs and Federations for long term sustainability, that augment learning and development in the sector.



A gender just, equitable and self reliant society where women get equal opportunities and make informed choices to access financial and other resources to enhance their capabilities that enables them to help themselves as well as others.

Promote strengthen and advocate self reliant and sustainable grassroots institutions of women by 

  • Building their financial and other capabilities

  • Facilitating partnerships to provide access to finance

  • Providing technical assistance with professionals from the industry

  • Reviving space for organised collectives facilitating financial inclusion - the most empowering model for women in the country

  • Incubating youth to become potential future resources for the sector

Vision and Mission


WISE follows an approach where high priority is given for sustainability. We look at grant funds as seed capital for developing replicating models. Every activity hence is looked at and carried out keeping high Quality and Efficiency standards in mind.

WISE facilitates a Learning and Growth Oriented environment where in each team member feels the need to focus on personal and professional growth to be able to explore their potential to the core.

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Life at WISE

WISE has a small but a dynamic and diverse team of members who are passionate about making a difference. Our family comprises of our employees, consultants who associate with us part time, advisors who keep challenging and guiding us and our partners who we work with to achieve our shared goals.

Meet The Team
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