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Establishing women's identity within the household is always the first step in facilitating gender equality and access to finance is an important tool for the same. While the organisation focuses on gender equality and access to finance it is also important to highlight that they are not mutually exclusive. The two areas are closely interwoven and WISE integrates this in its work with women.

Our Theory of Change

The dictionary meaning of 'Empowerment' is the power given to someone to do something. Empowerment is the power within an individual to take control of one's life.


Chaitanya WISE believes that Empowerment is a phenomenon that involves behavioural change/transformation which includes four stages - Desire for Change, Means for Change, Action for Change and Acceptance for Change. 

WISE aims that every woman that we work with attain seven milestones in their journey towards empowerment.

Watch Anita's journey below.

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WISE follows a multi - pronged approach to create the impact we desire to see in women's lives. We leverage women's collectives to facilitate access to resources to the urban population and even to the most rural and tribal population in parts of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. For that purpose, our expertise remains in communisation and institution building around which our other activities revolve.

Our Approach

Institution Building

The institution platform is three tier in structure starting from SHGs, and then federating into Village Organisations and then federating into larger block level organisations. These are entirely governed by women and has strong financial and operational systems to 

shg structure.png

Large block level groups owned and managed by women that allow for an open exchange of ideas, information and experiences. Provides financial services and linkages with outside institutions. Contain around three to six thousand members.


Focused intermediate platform composed of 150-300 members (10-20 SHGs) to address social issues. Leaders often recommend services to federations to those who need additional support.


Basic institution of development (village level) that provides a rudimentary platform for sharing information, financial services, legal advice, and the like. Generally conducted in small groups of 10 to 20 members.


Access to Finance

Financial Management for Community based Microfinance

WISE facilitates access to finance by


  • Mobilising women into self help groups that act as the basic unit of this financial eco system of community micro finance.

  • Setting up, maintaining and strengthening robust financial systems and processes for the community collectives.

  • Facilitating Credit linkages for SHGs and Federations from other financial institutions

  • Partnering with other self help group promoting institutions to increase outreach and promote the program.

  • Partnering with banks and government to advocate policies.

Access to Fin

Gender Inclusion & Equality

We believe that a self help group is the most empowering model for women in India. We continuously strive for a gender just equitable society.


Apart from the research evaluations and capacity building activities in gender, WISE integrates gender empowering practices in all its activities and endeavours.

Gender Incl

Learning and Development


WISE is a recognised resource organisation providing trainings on finance, development and gender to various governmental,non governmental and private institutions.


WISE conducts research evaluations and field level pilots in partnership with other players to innovate and provide better services.


WISE endeavours to close the loop between what the academics provide and what the practitioners need. We partner with educational institutions to provide certificate courses through elearning platforms.


Technology has to go hand in hand with finance if we aim to reach the last mile. WISE designs and develops technology solutions that can provide all the stakeholders in the ecosystem a better experience.

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