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These institutions encourage and empower us in our journey towards a gender just, equitable and self-reliant society.

Capri Global Capital Limited

With the support of Capri Global Capital Limited, Chaitanya WISE initiated Women Entrepreneurial Network(WEN) programme with the aim of identifying and nurturing the innate talents of women by mobilising them into collectives that enables them to benefit from economies of scale and maximize employment generation and value creation. 


The unique range of products indigenously designed and hand crafted by women weavers, garment manufacturers and various small-scale women entrepreneurs of the WENs is promoted under the brand of Kala Maitri.



The Self-Help Group (SHG)-Bank Linkage Programme has emerged as the major micro-finance programme in the country.  It is being implemented by commercial banks, regional rural banks(RRBs), and cooperative banks. 


 A major effort to provide banking services to the weaker and unorganised sector was the Bank Self Help Group Linkage Programme that was launched in early 1990s. The programme was started at the initiative of NABARD in 1992 to link the unorganised sector with the formal banking sector.


Under this programme, banks were allowed to open savings accounts for Self-Help Groups (SHGs). SHGs are registered/unregistered entities which usually has a membership of 15 to 20 members from very low-income families, usually women. They mobilize savings from members and uses the pooled funds to give loans to the needy members. Under this programme, banks provide loans to the SHGs against group guarantee and the quantum of the loan could be several times the deposits placed by such SHGs with the banks.


Banks need to reconnect with self-help groups (SHG) if they are to reach out to the unreached. WISE acts as a Business Correspondent (BC) agent by helping the SHGs get linked with banks so that they can avail credit facilities.  

Syndicate Bank

Chaitanya WISE is partnered with Syndicate Bank as Business Correspondent providing financial services to the members of SHGs in a manner that the most empowering women’s institutions at the grass roots are also sustainable and self-reliant through income from BC commissions.

The objective of the partnership is to provide comprehensive financial services such as savings, credit, remittances, insurance, mutual funds and pension products at an affordable cost to the financially under-privileged members of self-help groups across all areas of Madhya Pradesh wherein the accessibility to banks are less.


NABFINS engages in the business of providing micro finance services (with or without thrift) and other facilities to needy and disadvantageous sections of the society for securing their prosperity in both rural and urban areas. Chaitanya WISE works as a BC partner with NABFINS and provides capacity building training, financial literacy training and promotes the SHGs and links them to NABFINS.


The Government of India has initiated various schemes and programmes like NRLM and NULM that aims at providing financial aid and training to the SHGs. Chaitanya promoted WISE works as a resource organisation for NRLM and NULM.

National Rural Livelihood Mission

Chaitanya WISE is recognised as a resource organisation by National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) and works with them at the state and national level.

At the state level in Madhya Pradesh, we work in the districts of Shahdol and Barwani to provide capacity building, financial management assistance, vision building of federation office bearers and help strengthen the capacity of field staff. 

At the national level, WISE works with the Mission Management Unit as a resource and training organisation partner involved in designing manuals for financial and operational systems that will be used by federations promoted by NRLM across the country.

National Urban Livelihood Mission

We build capacities of the area level federations and cluster level federations of NULM in the districts of Indore, Dewas and Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. The self help groups are trained in financial literacy, graded and credit linked with Syndicate Bank.

National Institute of Rural Development

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005, (MGNREGA) was enacted on 7th September 2005 aims “at enhancing the livelihood security of people in rural areas by guaranteeing hundred days of Guaranteed wage employment in a financial year to a rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work”.

Jharkhand State Rural Livelihood Mission

The course: “Management of SHGs and their federations” developed in collaboration with TISS and Chaitanya promoted WISE aims at promoting community-based microfinance practices amongst the youth by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills and capacity building training. The course is available to the staff and the community who wishes to understand the microfinance and financial literacy aspect leading to poverty alleviation.

Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation

To foster and facilitate innovations in improving rural livelihoods and to support rural professionals in capacity building programmes, BRLF has been in the partnership with various government agencies, private trusts, banks, corporate houses, and educational institutions. 

 BRLF has successfully started its certificate program in rural livelihoods for tribal youths of the central Indian tribal region and Chaitanya promoted WISE is amongst the 15 partners who are involved in preparing various capacity building modules. WISE has provided its expertise in designing a module on Women Empowerment and Microfinance.


Since 2002, Chaitanya has collaborated with educational institutions and other organisations to design and develop content and deliver courses that would nurture and develop a pool of professional workforce for the sector. WISE in partnerships with various institutions, continues to develop and update content on the themes of Finance, Development, Leadership and Management.


In collaboration with Tata Institute of Social Sciences, WISE designs content and delivers the following courses.

  • Management of SHGs and their Federations

  • Microfinance and Development Management

  • NGO Management and its Sustainability

With support from GIZ NABARD and SIDBI, Chaitanya WISE has developed a comprehensive module on Financial Literacy. This training module is delivered to

the field officers and clients of micro finance institutions.

India Fellow

India Fellow is a 13-month long social leadership program which takes young Indians through an intense journey of hands on learning from grassroots work and communities to realize their leadership potential, and of self-discovery to find their true calling.

Chaitanya WISE has been hosting fellows since 2010. The fellows during this period live, and work closely at the grassroots level with the organization’s team to understand the social framework and development approach. 


Chaitanya WISE is associated with SPJain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai and hosts interns as part of their DOCC- Development of Corporate Citizenship course. The DOCC course aspires to sensitise the participants by working with partners in the development sector and undertake projects in the non-profit sector. We have had several participants across the years helping us with various projects by giving in their managerial inputs and in the process, learning about the ground level conditions, challenges and opportunities in the development sector during their DOCC internships.



WISE aims to combine technology with the various financial services to ensure it reaches every household. Through tablets and Bank Sakhis we are working on providing access to finance to women in remote and inaccessible regions of the country.

WISE has two major technology partners working with us closely on our major projects.


Microlekha is a comprehensive ERP solution for financially intermediating federations/cooperatives of self help groups. It is designed and developed by Chaitanya WISE in partnership with Microware Computing and Consulting. 

Microlekha is first of its kind solution integrating SHG accounting and federation micro finance to measure strength and viability of women’s community-based institutions.


  • Integrated accounting and MIS platforms

  • Reduced TAT on loan disbursement

  • Efficient repayment management for federation loans

  • Reduce the need of multiple software solutions for other functions of federations including HR & Capacity Building.

Integra Microsystems

To improve process efficiencies, reduce risks, and to facilitate online, real time transactions with Syndicate Bank as part of our Business Correspondent Project, Integra Microsystems is appointed as the technical service provider (TSP).

This solution offers online Aadhaar based transactions with dual authentication for self help groups. 

This innovative experiment of supporting the SHG programme is therefore expected to make new pathways for the largest micro finance programme in the world, and ensure greater access to finance for women in remote and inaccessible regions of the country.

WISE offers its expertise and technical services majorly in four functions- Strategic Support, Capacity Building, System Development and Evaluations in the thematic areas of: Communisation, Financial Management, Gender Inclusion/Equality and NGO Management/Sustainability.

We provide training, handholding support and assistance to various Self Help Group Promoting Institutions and other organisations in improving efficiencies and increasing sustainability.


WISE provides technical expertise and services to organisations such as - NGOs, NGO-MFIs, MFIs,  

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