banks and financial institutions

Banks need to reconnect with self-help groups (SHG) if they are to reach out to the unreached. Chaitanya promoted WISE acts as a Business Correspondent (BC) agent by helping the SHGs get linked with banks so that they can avail credit facilities.

self help group promoting institutions

WISE offers its expertise and technical services majorly in four functions- Strategic Support, Capacity Building, System Development and Evaluations


The Government of India has initiated various schemes and programmes like NRLM and NULM that aims at providing financial aid and training to the SHGs. Chaitanya promoted WISE works as a resource organisation for NRLM and NULM.

Technology partner

WISE aims to combine technology with the various financial services to ensure it reaches every household. Through tablets and Bank Sakhis we are working on providing access to finance to women in remote and inaccessible regions of the country.

educational institution

WISE being a resource organisations looks forward to training and educating the youth in the field of women empowerment, microfinance and SHG model through the various courses designed and by hosting fellows and interns from reputed educational institutions.

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